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Who is Michael McBride?
Michael is a strong Christian upmost and foremost. His support and encouragement comes from his family – beautiful wife Jeana and daughter Shelby.

How often does Michael train?
Michael trains 2-3 times a day. He works and trains with the best at Des Moines Jiu Jitsu Academy in Des Moines and Elite Edge in Waukee. He reaches out to fighters on a regular basis to try and make himself better. He knows that he is not the best fighter and wants to be better. He also has a gym in Webster City where he has regular fight team practices. Mottos for training- train hard, fight easy. Michael imagines how hard his opponent is training and because there is no way to know for sure, he will always train harder.

How did Michael get started in fighting?
Jiu Jitsu seemed like a fun way to get in shape. The rest is history.

What does Michael do outside of fighting?
Family things. Fighting takes up a lot of his time so he enjoys the little things like going to the movies or family trips.

What is Michael’s favorite thing about fighting?
Getting to meet a lot of great people. Michael would never fight a friend but looks forward to becoming friends with future opponents. There are a lot of awesome guys in this sport.

What are Michael’s goals?
To fight in the UFC. Fighting is his avenue to reach others. He wants to share positive energy and most importantly the light of Christ. With MMA, he has been blessed with the opportunity to share his beliefs with others.

What is Michael’s diet like?
Eating clean and healthy pretty much year round. Lots of fish, chicken and salads. Favorite food is Sushi. After a weigh in the meal is anything and everything. Start clean then move into whatever he is craving. Post fight meal includes ice cream and more ice cream. Michael absolutely loves ice cream. Secret recipe- heaping bowl of preferred ice cream. A couple handfuls of cinnamon toast crunch. Combine and enjoy. That one is free!

Who are Michael’s heroes?
God, Mom and Dad

What else do you need to know about Michael?
People always ask what’s up with Michael’s toe nails. Yes, he does get his nails painted before every fight. It’s something to do with his girls and adds a little unexpected flare. Also, he always wears a suit after a fight. Why? Because he wears sweat pants almost every other day.